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African American Greeting Cards – How many times have you found yourself in this scenario: It’s a friend’s or relative’s birthday and you’re driving to the store at the last minute to buy a card? Also, you need to grab stamps.  Culture Greetings, has solved that problem and offers contemporary greeting cards specifically geared towards Black people and other people of color. The cards can be personalized and queued for mailing – right from your desk.

Making multiple trips to the store and post office to send a card isn’t a viable option for most busy people. Social media, while a convenient way to say Happy Birthday or Congratulations, often fail at delivering a true personal connection. So, Culture Greetings merges the best of both worlds by marrying the traditional social interaction of greeting cards with 21st century technology.

Through its custom-developed software, Custom Greetings makes marking important occasions and milestones easy. At the Culture Greetings’ website, consumers can pick a card from a range of options for any important occasion plus include a personalized note using handwriting fonts as well as a gift card if they desire.

Through automation, Culture Greetings commercial printing press then prints, addresses, stamps and mails the cards, via the U.S. Postal Service, directly to the customer’s designated recipients. Customers can send the same card to one person – or to multiple recipients.

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