You must get real visitors to your website if you want to make money. This is important. If you are simply getting hits or untargeted visitors, you are wasting your time. Stop aiming for quantity and start aiming for quality.

Getting real website visitors is the key to your success for a number of reasons. Firstly, these types of visitors know about your niche. They have been in and around it for sometime. They are targeted visitors. Visitors that are potentially looking for answers directly related to your product.

Hits from bots or hits from untargeted visitors are simply a waste. Obviously, they are not going to hurt your website, however, they may give you false hope! They will also effect your conversion rate. You really want to improve your conversion rate and improve this rate on the number of targeted visitors, not on untargeted visitors.

So, in summary, always aim for highly targeted visitors. These types of customers are aligned with your niche. They may be in a similar industry or profession. They have an interest in your niche and the bottom line is they are much easier to sell to.

You can dramatically improve your conversion rates by targeting the customer that is aligned to your niche. Spend the time looking for these types of people and you will be pleasantly surprised on what sort of results you can achieve.

Real visitors require answers to be solved and you are providing the answers for a price. Apply your skills for finding this real website and you will make more money. You can find real visitors in forums, blogs and social bookmarking sites. Participate in these places and search for those who have the same interests and your profits will improve dramatically.

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